How our communications training can help make you happier and more productive

It’s really simple. We remember what we enjoy. It’s the most important thing we keep in mind, when creating or delivering our workshops. So that your training is life changing not mind numbing. Our courses and coaching cover all aspects of communicating more powerfully. Whether that is presentation skills, effective communication, business writing or storytelling.

Our approach is based on two fundamental facts about the way we all learn:

  • First, our work as actors, writers and directors show clearly that the experiences that people remember are those where they are not just mentally engaged, but emotionally and physically too.
  • Second, this practical, common sense observation is reinforced by recent neurological research. It clearly demonstrates the way in which our brains form the patterns that determine our behaviour. The more vivid and complete the experience, the more easily new patterns and behaviours form.

So if you’d like to make the people in your organisation happier and more productive, we’d love to talk to you. It should be memorable.

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